Mr. BalzerMr. John Balzer

I can’t express how rewarding and exciting it is to have the privilege of working for Adena Local Schools! I am surrounded by a fantastic staff of teachers, administrators, custodians, cooks and bus drivers and secretaries who are always prepared to meet the challenges of educating our children. The communities comprising the district are filled with wonderful, caring citizens who want the best we can afford to offer our students and support the students in all aspects of their schooling. Adena schools have a rich culture and history, valued by its residents, and is visible in every aspect of the district’s operations. Adena Local Schools offer a whole-child approach to education and every child matters to this organization. We are meeting the challenges of complex social issues, a changing economy, and a changing world dominated by technology. Adena Local Schools will continue to provide a strong education blended with traditional small-town culture and spirit that values people and the development of strong character and values so each child graduates ready to enter the workforce or a college classroom in order to assume their place in our society. We serve the needs of the students and the community that provides the school. We value the community’s support and work to ensure we have the community’s input as guiding principles of our daily activities. Respect, Commitment, and Pride- the core values of our school’s culture will guide them through school and into adulthood as they graduate. Thank you for your support of the school and our students. It is truly a pleasure to serve this community!

John Balzer